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Helping you cultivate a purposeful life you thrive in!

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We believe in creative thinking, cultivating purpose and love. We just happen to be creators of excellent wellbeing programmes for NZ High schools, businesses, teenagers and parents.


Mindfulness based 6 week programme for NZ teenagers.

Teaching teen how to cultivate a life they thrive in!


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6-week mindfulness based programme for adults.

Learn how to cultivate a purposeful life you thrive in!


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Purposeful Teens Programme


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""​It’s hard to break lifelong habits but with the tools, activities and support Samantha gives you it is possible. And it feels great to be on the right path! Success means something different for everyone but for me success is being on the path to achieving worthwhile dreams. Samantha helps make your dreams and desires a reality. I highly recommend working with her"."

Elizabeth Marshell

"​"Sam is a natural ball of light and energy, with an abundance of love inside and you can feel it bursting when she is with you! Not only did Sam give me a world of advice, she sorted through the noise in my head, gave me clarity on what my goals are, encouraged me and gave me direction in how I can work towards them mindfully"."

Carissa Fairbrother
Registered Financial Advisor

"Deciding to pursue my purpose and turn it into a business was very daunting. I had no idea where to start I had passion but that was it. Since working with Samantha one on one my purpose has turned into a business plan and a very clear vision of who I am and what my business will look like. I have excelled much faster than I had ever imagined, even booking my first seminar in the first 6 months. Samantha has helped me gain clarity, purpose and given me confidence in who I really am and what I can achieve. Samantha has been an incredible support and given me tools to make me really stand out in my industry. The content and resources she provided me with were priceless and I will never be able to express enough what her work has really meant to me. I can truly say I am now living a life I truly love because of the work I did with Samantha."

Anna Goddard
Life Coach

"What an amazing journey within 10 weeks Sam gave me the courage, the belief, the tools and the empowerment to live the best version of myself. Her extensive knowledge, experience and passion for what she does literally peeled the layers of 'stuff' off me and drilled down to the core of who I am while guiding me through some tough bits. It seemed so effortless at times and at others I felt that I was not good enough. I know that anyone who is ready to identify their inner self, live life to the fullest and achieve needs a coach - like Sam!"

Jiggy Govind
Licensee Salesperson

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