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Breath is life.  Learn how to take a few minutes a day to get present to it so you can become less reactive, stressed and overwhelmed. 

Mind Dump

Get your dreams AND limiting self-beliefs out of your head and onto paper. Discover how to find the clarity needed to direct your life!


Moving your body everyday motivates the mind, body and spirit. Want success in life? Learn how daily movement can help you.

Words of Love

"What an amazing journey within 10 weeks Sam gave me the courage, the belief, the tools and the empowerment to live the best version of myself. Her extensive knowledge, experience and passion for what she does literally peeled the layers of 'stuff' off me and drilled down to the core of who I am while guiding me through some tough bits. It seemed so effortless at times and at others I felt that I was not good enough. I know that anyone who is ready to identify their inner self, live life to the fullest and achieve needs a coach - like Sam!" - Jiggy Govind

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